"I felt a nice, fresh breeze a moment ago. Where has it gone to?"
- Tennessee Williams, in 'The Glass Menagerie'

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness, anyone??

Two days ago at work, I read a blog about a lady (that I don't know) that did 38 Random Acts of Kindness for her 38th birthday.

She and her three girls spent the entire day doing awesome things for others... just because they could.

They did things like:
     taping enough $ to buy a coke to the front of a machine
                   taking the grocery carts back in the store for the workers
giving Krispy Kreme donuts to construction workers
           helping elderly people unload their groceries
                          giving away coupons for Krispy Kreme donuts that they already had
      and other various and random acts of kindness.

I turn 25 in a little over 3 months (yes, I know - I'm getting old, but who cares?!), and that blog has inspired me...

For my 25th birthday this year, I'm going to make a list and DO 25 Random Acts of Kindness.

...but I've also made another decision:
I'm going to try and start doing at least one random act of kindness each and every day.
If for no other reason than just to brighten someone's day.
No personal gain.
Just a smile from me to you.
(because, after all, you can't NOT smile when someone else smiles at you, right?)

because the world would be a much grander place if we all did 38 Random Acts of Kindness for our 38th birthdays... or just any ol' birthday...

...anyone else want to accept that challenge??

(psst... the more you do to help others, the more you tend to generate happiness in your own life - just a little tip)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple butter tastes like apples... and butter.

I opened my planner today to check and make sure (for the umpteenth time) that I knew what all I had going on this week - it's going to be uber busy! - and this was plastered across the top:

"There are no precedents: You are the first You that ever was."
                                                                      Christopher Morley


He's right.
            I am.
     (and so are you.)
and so is a little someone special to me that I miss dearly...

She's Ruthie to me... and today I just so happened to have put on my necklace that she gave me for Christmas last year... remember this one?

...and when I thought of Ruthie, I thought of three things - the first two she said to me and the other one she so kindly had her mom place in my journal that was part of my "Going Away/We Love You/We'll Miss You/Merry Christmas" gift:

"If I could hug you right now, I would, but I have glue all over my hands."

"Apple butter tastes like apples... and butter."


"Some things that look pretty just don't taste good."

She's one of a kind, and even when she's miles and miles and MILES away, she can still make me smile.

That, in and of itself, is a quality that I think we should all try to possess
(and I nod)
because it just makes life so much... prettier (even if it doesn't always taste good).